Current vision of our mission: - Ukrainian crowdsourcing project. We are the group of railway fans and we pay effort to promote travels with public transport, especially with rail transport.

We consider that possibilities of railway for building itinearies are underestimated even among experienced travellers and this statement applies to railways of almost each country of the world.

The reason of such a pity underestimating according to our vision is insufficient informing by railways and their focus on promoting of those their product, which are more profitable to them, while information about products, which are more affordable for passengers and have better quality/price ratio is sometimes overshadowed or even intentionally is somehow hidden.

Additionally the passengers are often insufficiently informed regarding connection across any kind of border. The worst sutiation is international train connections, but sometimes you can meet whatever similar regarding connection across the border of different administration, regions, tariff unions etc.

We consider that insufficient informing of passenger is observed in almost each country of the world, but at the same time the level of insufficience is different and varies from minimal (for example in Switzerland) to giant (like in Ukraine)

Anyway we consider covering this information gap to be our mission.

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